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8 Reasons Why You Don’t Need Skylights

8 Reasons You Don't Need a Skylight

A skylight is a great way to bring natural light into your home. This is especially true for those who live in areas with little sun and long winters. However, if you are looking for more cost-effective ways to brighten up your space, there are many other options available these days! New LED technology has made it possible to place lights anywhere you want without the need for a physical fixture! Skylights can also be expensive and difficult to install on an existing roof.

A Redilight skylight is a better way to brighten up dark areas in your home. This blog post discusses 5 reasons why you don’t need skylights any more thanks to advances in lighting technology!

Redilight maintains the structure of your roof and insulation

Skylights can allow a lot of heat to escape, which is an issue in the winter months. They also tend to be the source of rain and moisture damage on your roof and insulation. Redilight LED technology has revolutionized home lighting by allowing for custom installations without any damages! This means that you don’t have to worry about replacing your roof or repairing leaks caused by skylights because it won’t happen with our product!

Redilight mimics natural sunlight better than daylight bulbs

Ever noticed how artificial light looks different? The blue hue from traditional lights throws off the colours around them, making objects look washed out and unnatural. We’ve designed redilight so that they emit a warm white glow that closely resembles natural sunlight.

Quick and easy installation

Nobody likes turning their home upside down for renovations – especially in the busy areas of your home like kitchens and living spaces where you might be considering a traditional skylight. The great thing about Redilight is that it’s quick and easy to install. They’re designed for hassle-free installation with a single junction box, so you don’t need any additional wiring or structural modifications.

Redilight is the perfect size

Traditional skylights are usually a one-size-fits-all. You’re lucky if they happen to fit your desired location and window space, but sometimes you have to cut into doors or walls in order for them to work. Redlight panels come as small as 24 inches square, which allows installation just about anywhere!

No more heat issues with Redlight LEDs

One of the most common complaints people have about traditional skylights is that they let too much heat enter their home during the summer months. This can be really tough because it’s not always easy to install air conditioning systems and insulation like you would need on other parts of your house; plus over time this will take its toll on those areas from

Redilight has no bulbs to replace

Traditional skylights are an open window into your home’s interior – which means they also offer access to the elements like rain and snow that can get in easily. Our product removes this issue by providing an insulated shell around each light panel, making them watertight without compromising on style! The panels themselves contain LEDs rather than traditional fluorescent bulbs, meaning there are no filaments to burn out or break during installation and replacement.

No leaks from skylight installations thanks to Redilight!

Redilight costs you less, while delivering more

We all know skylights are expensive. You can have a Redilight installed for about half the cost of traditional options! The energy efficiency is worth it too – our panels use 80% less electricity than other light sources, and they’re guaranteed to save you money on your power bill by paying for themselves in just two years.

No need to worry about bulky fixtures cluttering up your roof

Traditional skylights often require installations with complicated brackets or wiring that take up lots of space on the roof, creating an eyesore as well as making installation more difficult and time-consuming than necessary. Our product solves these issues because we install directly into a single junction box; removing any additional structural modifications and freeing up valuable rooftop real estate.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Home Solar Lighting today to start your Redilight project. You will wonder why you ever considered skylights when you see the effortless installation and cost-saving alternative!

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