Feature Lighting

Skylight Alternative with Light Shaft

Solar Powered Skylight

Home Solar Lighting offers customers a Solar Powered Skylight alternative that is also architectural in appearance. Achieve the look of a skylight with a splayed light shaft without the potential issues and risks of a traditional roof window, such as leaking, heat transfer and regular cleaning. This design alternative is also a worthwhile solution for customers who can’t have a roof window type skylight because of reasons such as:
How Redilight Solar LED Lighting is installed in a light shaft, with either plaster finish or melamine board with timber mouldings.

Unsure which one you'll need? Our Lighting Guide can help

Feature Lighting - Day and Night

If you want your Solar LED light to also work at night then Redilight provides the option of adding the Day/Night AC kit. Have your light powered by the sun during the day and by the grid after dark via a wall mounted switch. This will require a Licenced Electrician to install for you.

Solar LED Windows

Turn our Redilight Solar LED lighting in to a virtual window in areas where it’s not possible to install a conventional window. This could be in lower floors of a house or in a shared wall with a neighbour. This type of window alternative is best planned and organised during the early phases of the construction process, so cables can be roughed in with other electrical works.

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