How to Create a Brighter, more Beautiful Bathroom

We all love to have beautifully bright and well-illuminated bathrooms. Ceiling lighting in the bathroom generally requires a high number of lumens, similar to your kitchen. This not only gives us a feeling of cleanliness but also provides an environment where it is easy to see while we complete life’s daily grooming tasks like shaving, make-up application, freshening up or getting ready for a night on the town. But what if you don’t want the expense of installing new bathroom ceiling lights? The good news is that solar LED lights are perfect for bathroom illumination because they are energy efficient and cost less than other bathroom lighting solutions.

Why bathroom solar lighting is a good idea

Solar LED lights are a great bathroom lighting solution that can brighten up any bathroom while being an environmentally friendly option. Solar bathroom lights are easy to install and come in many different styles, colours, shapes and sizes so you should find one that suits your bathroom design perfectly. The installation process for bathroom solar lights is very simple because they have adhesive backing or screws if needed. You also won’t need an electrician or plumber for this project which makes it even easier! All you will need is a little time to get the job done right! Finally, these solar-powered LED’s use much less energy than other forms of lighting like fluorescent bulbs, halogen bulbs or incandescent bulbs which means lower electricity bills every month.

The benefits of bathroom solar lights

You don’t even need an electrician or plumber to install bathroom solar lights. The installation process is easy and the lights are environmentally friendly, so you can brighten up any bathroom without spending a lot of money. Here’s what you need to know about installing bathroom solar lights: -bathroom solar lights are easy to install- they have adhesive backing or screws if needed -you will not need an electrician for this project because bathroom solar LED’s use much less energy than other forms of lighting like fluorescent bulbs, halogen bulbs or incandescent bulbs which means lower electricity bills every month If you want beautiful bathroom illumination that won’t cost too much money, try bathroom solar light fixtures! They come in different sizes to suit any shape of bathroom. 

Save Money and Time

At Home Solar Lighting we supply and install only the best quality products, so you can have peace of mind that your Solar LED Lights will perform trouble free for years to come. We provide a 7 year warranty on our LED fittings and 25 years on our Solar Panels. Our choice of supplier is Redilight – the clear market leader in this industry.

Tips for installing your new bathroom solar light fixtures

A bathroom is a place where we all want to have bright and well-lit bathroom fixtures. The bathroom is usually one of the most important rooms in the house because it’s where we go to freshen up, groom ourselves or prepare for an event.

Redilight Solar Powered LED light fittings are available as:


Fully Recessed

The ceiling is cut out using the Redilight template and the fixture sits within and above the plasterboard. You will need to be mindful of trusses and ceiling battens/joists which may obstruct the LED light fitting. Available in 110mm round and square, 220mm round and 330mm round and square fixtures.
installation info

Plaster Recessed

The light fixture is slimline (9.5mm) and can sit within the plaster itself. This means the light can be fitted under trusses and joists no problem. Available in 450mm square, 600mm square and 1200x300mm sizes.

Surface Mounted

This light fixture is fitted below your plaster and the only penetrations through the ceiling are for the power cable and screws. Available in 330mm round size.

Check our dedicated room guide to see our specific recommendations for each space in your home and to help you discover how Solar LED Lighting can brighten up any space. If you need more motivation or inspiration for your bathroom (or anywhere without access to natural light), then get in touch with Home Solar Lighting today.

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