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Please read the following information carefully before choosing your lights. This is for both DIY and jobs fitted by our installers. Installation videos are included below for customers considering going DIY.

Redilight Solar Powered LED light fittings are available as:

Fully Recessed

The ceiling is cut out using the Redilight template and the fixture sits within and above the plasterboard. You will need to be mindful of trusses and ceiling battens/joists which may obstruct the LED light fitting. Available in 110mm round and square, 220mm round and 330mm round and square fixtures.
installation info

Plaster Recessed

The light fixture is slimline (9.5mm) and can sit within the plaster itself. This means the light can be fitted under trusses and joists no problem. Available in 450mm square, 600mm square and 1200x300mm sizes.

Surface Mounted

This light fixture is fitted below your plaster and the only penetrations through the ceiling are for the power cable and screws. Available in 330mm round size.

Unsure which one you'll need? Our Lighting Guide can help

Access to Roof Space

Existing Dwellings

For existing dwellings, it is important that there is access to your roof cavity via a ceiling hatch or ceiling ladder. This is in order to confirm positioning of light fixtures, run cables between lights and then power everything from the Redilight solar panel on your roof.
raked ceilings

Raked or Cathedral Ceilings

If you have a raked or cathedral ceiling that follows your roof pitch then it will be necessary to lift your roofing tiles or corrugated sheeting to gain access to the light position. It is recommended to fit the solar panel at the same position on the roof, to make install easier and to keep the light ‘cooler’.

New Constructions

For new constructions or major renovations there is more flexibility with installation as cables can be run during the electrical rough in stage. This includes multi storey dwellings that may require lighting to lower floors that don’t have windows or suffer from poor natural lighting.
new constructions

Solar Panel Fit Off

Redilights are designed to run off only one solar panel making it a more environmentally friendly product and easier to install. We will include all the hardware necessary to carry this out, including cyclone rated brackets for bigger panels. The panel should be located on the north or west pitch of your roof if possible with the power cable easily accessible from within the roof cavity. It is also possible to run the cable out to the roof first after all lights are connected. It doesn’t matter what order the connections are made.

Things to Consider

Stay Away From Fans

It is best not to fit a light above or near ceiling fan blades. This will create a strobing effect if you have the fan turned on.

When You Don't Want Light

There are rooms and areas in the house where it is best to have the option to turn off or dim your Solar LED Light if you ever need to, such as bedrooms , media and lounge rooms. Redilight can provide a very cost effective solution to this through their remote control accessory.

Turning Your Solar Light into a Night Light

If you want your Solar LED light to also work at night then Redilight provides the option of adding the Day/Night AC kit. Have your light powered by the sun during the day and by the grid after dark via a wall mounted switch. This will require a Licenced Electrician to install for you.

Site Inspections Prior to Installations

We may be required to carry out a site inspection prior to quoting your job if your dwelling has any of the following features:

Our fee to carry out an inspection is $150 incl gst

Do You Think You Can DIY?

Redilight is a low voltage DC system that doesn’t require an Electrical contractor to do a standard install. If you think you are capable enough to work inside and on top of your roof then it’s worth considering installing yourself, to save on costs. It is not recommended though for you to work on a double or multi-storey roof if you don’t have sufficient safety equipment such as a harness and roof ladder. Read this safety checklist first before you grab a ladder and climb up on your roof.

Safety Checklist

In your Roof

On your Roof

Tile Roof installation (ST brackets)

Tile Roof installation (HD brackets)

Connecting Redilight Light Fittings

Redilight 35w & 75w Metal Roof Standard Install

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